i feel like in order to be productive i cant live with my boyfriend rn, the only other option is being 1000 miles away. he has attachment issues. im so scared he wont understand that i want to go so i can work and make money for us

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  • Buffsterfan


    Dude, I understand this so much. I love my bf so much but I have such a strict routine that I HAVE to stick to in order to feel ok and stay productive that I feel like I can only live with someone else in small doses, unless we had a huge house with lots of rooms or something. Makes me seriously doubt if I’m cut out for a relationship, even though I love having a partner, I love him specifically so much, and he’s very good for me in other ways. I just don’t think people who don’t have chronic health issues can ever really get all the shit we go through or the things we have to do to stay functional, you know? Any partner I have has to be extremely understanding and has to give me a LOT of space

  • ufo


    @buffsterfan yes! this is exactly how i feel. he is the same way as me as well, just with a lot more attachment trauma so i doubt he will be understanding at first :(

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