I'm practically nothing but skin and bone at this point. I can't keep anything down. I'm so scared. Does anyone have a meal replacement other than glucerna or protein shakes?



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  • xajhx23


    I just got diagnosed with gastroparesis. I’m all skin and bones now also I’m terrified. I just started a meal replacement called “liquid hope” yesterday. So far so good. It’s all natural USDA organic real food. You can look it up and buy it it is expensive or you can ask your doctor to get it for you. All insurance approves it. Also look into “Kate farms” meal replacement. That one has flavors like vanilla! The other one taste like a soup!

  • Jangel


    I found that baby food pouches were really easy on my stomach. Definitely check all the ingredients, but they taste good and are easy to keep down for me

  • JaimeJ


    You're going to probably stay on the full liquid diet side of things. Maybe try unsweetened applesauce, baby food, would be the thickest I'd go. And avoid insoluble fiber. Have doctors thought about electroacupuncture or even a "pacemaker" implant? I don't know what it is called but that is the gist of it?

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