Those of you with psoriatic arthritis, Could there be other things causing muscle aches in my leg muscles that isnt this arthritis? because I don’t want to have that condition like my mother. I’m getting psoriasis spreading on my shins now too.

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  • Wilson


    You should probably go and see a physician about your psoriasis, especially if your mom has psoriatic arthritis. It may just be psoriasis without the manifestation of arthritis but there’s no way for anyone to tell unless a doctor runs thorough exams. I really hope you find answers. For me, my arthritis began with really bad psoriatic rashes and gradually progressed to arthritis, so make sure to take care of yourself and don’t ignore the symptoms!

  • Nimbus


    Hey, muscle pain is less common in psoriatic arthritis. The pain is centred more in the joints then the muscles

  • 1ofmany


    Psoriatic arthritis shouldn't affect your muscles just your joints

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