I had a part of my lung removed due to cancer, I smoked 40+ years. surgery was in Aug 12 having g alot of pain can not get my strength back, I am on work disability I am suppose to return the end of Sept I just can not go back I am still in alot of pain, very weak, now I am depressed I live in NC I have no family I live alo edo date I have no more savings and I just feel I am done with work stressing over how am I going to pay my bills after my work disability stops can I get social security disability without waiting 6 Mos to a year I have a noggel in my thyroid this will be diagnosed after I heal from this surgery. I think k my depression is coming from me working about not being g able to pay my bills. a y advice please.

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  • uno


    On 3rd round of lung cancer.1st time I did surgery and agree, very painful afterwards. Think it took me about a full year before I could walk more than 5 blocks...just painful. 2nd time refused treatment/surgery...went on hospice. Declared cancer free after 5 yrs. Now have in other lung. Prayers and blessings

  • lynnymarie


    : I'm dealing with lung cancer also I'm sorry to hear your stories if you ever need someone to talk to please call me 561-629-0187 I also have to go for a biopsy in my thyroid it just doesn't end does it but it's nice to have other people to talk to that know what you're going through and how you feel God bless you guys

  • needhelpbg


    Hi there I had lung surgery at July 2022.At October start chimoterapy. Now understand that have metastases in my spine. Can anyone provide me with information about case like this? Will be nice to contact with people from UK

  • lynnymarie


    Well the research I've done on my lung cancer is that you have a 50% chance of it coming back anywhere in your body so when I was told I had cancer what do you what do you think when somebody says you have cancer you think you're dying well unfortunately it's going to get you eventually I've made peace with my family and I'm grateful for that because when my mom passed it was very unexpected and it was very hard I'm sorry to say but this this thing is a disease that is deadly and it's terrible you know and I'm so sorry you're going through this but you're not alone when I was on the cancer floor in the hospital for 12 days my nurse said Linda look at all these people they're on the same Journey you're on and that opened my eyes and it broke my heart so I have accepted it and I have to go for a biopsy tomorrow because they think it's in my thyroid so if you need to talk to me sweetheart please do I would love to hear from you God bless you

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