This condition is very draining. Being in a constant flare up makes your mental health awful. Anyone else struggling with this?? I’m having trouble even being positive anymore

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Abdominal distension (bloating)

Nausea and Vomiting

Chronic Generalized pain


Laryngopharyngeal reflux

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

Chronic Irritability and Anger

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  • xxARYN420xx


    Meee.... I'm always so grouchy & irritable too

  • AnnetteMarie


    I have gastroparesis and it just started really flaring up n its terrible ...it's like there is nothing they can do to help it n they act like it's nothing but it is something aweful...what symptoms do u have?

    • BumbleBees


      hi! I have some pretty severe nausea, bloating, stomach pain, GERD, constipation, and my appetite is extremely poor. Not to mention constant “back flow” of stomach contents into my esophagus. Most foods I have access to trigger my symptoms so I’m stuck on a very bland diet right now with only Zofran to help alleviate my symptoms. I don’t throw up with this condition, I believe partially because of my severe phobia of it. However some days the nausea is so bad I wish I could just do it to get it over with 😪

      • Kashyyyk


        you around exactly like me. I suspect I have this condition and the doctors don’t seem to care. I eat only bland foods and can’t even drink water because it causes severe gerd flare ups. I still get bloating and nausea nearly every time I eat. I also refuse to let myself throw up because of phobia

    • Neris73


      its awful and I have bloatedness, no appetite and I lost more than 20 lbs over a few weeks. I have back pains too.

  • gastro_sleepy


    I hate the nasty person I have become. I'm always grouchy and nothing is right because of my OCD acting up due to my anxiety from my gastroparaesis. So when I'm grouchy I take it out on the hubby which means I don't sleep well which causes a other gp flare. That causes anxiety. That causes OCD which starts the cycle again. I can't ever get off the ride and I hate it and myself so yes

  • AestheticNight


    I recently got diagnosed. Can’t keep much down, my stomach just doesn’t digest. Feels like there’s nothing my doctor can do. I’m struggling so hard with this, but you aren’t alone. You’re in good company.

  • Mz.Smith


    Hello, I recently got diagnosed with gastroporesis myself. I've been in the hospital for it, I had to stay there 9 days. I have blood coming out both ends.. But they put me on somebody it's on some medication, and I've been doing a little bit better. I said. I still get sick and vomiting. But better than last year. Each day is a struggle for me. But. I'm trying to remind positive and keep my faith in God!!!

  • Food_Fighter


    I am In My 3rd Year. Totally Unpredictable Disease. I Have Extreme Case. I Mitigate My Damages With Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Accupuncture and Weekly Therapy…Puréed Foods and Plenty of Hydration. The 5 Gastroenterologists are Only one Source of Help. Keep Investigating. Follow Dr MIcheal Kline?Cline CLEVELAND CLINIC. Podcast BUTTS AND GUTS

  • Bassfather


    Yep. Had to get on Lamictal to stabilize my mood. Also medical marijuana helps. I’m also on ativan to help the nausea, anxiety, panic and it helps my mood too honestly.

  • Kcmichelle


    I'm sorely depressed right now, just day by day right now.

  • Abby0427


    Absolutely, the jealousy to just be a little normal hits so hard

  • Kcmichelle


    So I scheduled a boat tour yesterday.. I was scared cause there was no bathroom. While it was only a 1.5 hour trip I was nervous about vomiting, etc... It went great. I did take my meds before just in case, did not eat anything since breakfast time. I was so happy I went through with it. Made me feel real for a bit ☺️ hope everyone is doing well today 🙏

  • Bijoux_bean22


    I hate this disease right now. The GI refuses to believe anything I say and will put stuff in my chart that is explicitly untrue. This, A DR. FROM TUFTS!!!!! We are looking into a patient advocate, but in the meantime, all I can do is hope I start throwing up enough for him to believe it’s not just stomach avid issues.

  • Proactivist


    Get rid of the damn GI doctor that don’t believe you!!! Find a new one. They don’t own you, in fact your the boss over your health NOT these arrogant docs out there. The list keeps growing as I get older with these rude & incompetent doctors!! Shop around until you find a good one that listens and takes your complaints seriously!

    • Bijoux_bean22


      thank you for saying that. Hard to hear, but long overdue.

      • Proactivist


        Today you MUST move from doctor to doctor until you get answers let alone credibility for your symptoms !!

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