(Part 1/2 )Hello! my name is Allison and I have been diagnosed with an adjustment disorder and it fits with the 2 different things that have happened in my life
first thing that happened was in 2020, I was given the unfortunate news that I'd never be able to have my own kids due to pcos and an ovarian issue not related to that and it broke my heart because all I wanted to do was have my own child but now that I have weighed out my options of wishing that I had children it's easier to say that it was Ok because of my other health conditions.
the second thing was last year in 2021 me and my bf of 4 years got the news that his ex wife had tragically passed away and she had left her 2 boys behind and he was granted custody of them and due to our living arrangement they don't live with us but rather in the home with his mother, sister and her husband....
[present day] I have a service animal that helps me detect my seizures, panic attacks, muscle issues, that sort of thing well we got the boys from their grandmother's house and we were going to a friend of ours' birthday party and we decided to bring the kids with us and our roommate that was also good friends with our friend. so we didn't see the note that said the party would be next week not this week. so we went and got food and took the boys to the park and the oldest kept not wanting to listen to me and he got put in time out and so my bf and my roommate wanted to go to the smoke section of the park and he wanted me to watch the kids and I snapped and said no because the oldest wasn't listening to me and then that's when he retorted that I never had patience with him because he has adhd and basically I was in the wrong and then he told me he wasn't going to bring me anywhere because I had attitude problems and this that and the other which made me panic because I can't stand when we argue so I went to the car and sat and cried for a good while and he came back to the car with the kids like nothing happened.....
but here's what makes my adjustment issue so bad and I know I'm gonna get told I sound like an a**hole and that's totally fine at this point I'm so over whether I get the support to where people can understand me or get stared at like I've committed a terrible crime I don't care say what you feel you need to but I'm so tired of them stepping on me and it's not at all what it used to be like because we had plans to move to a new house/apartment whatever and back then when the kids first got here it was great and they didn't act the way they do now and now it's full blown chaos at this point they don't want to listen to me and I look like the bad guy.

Adjustment Disorder

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