What’s the best why to deal with cystic acne? I have like 1-3 all in a very unfortunate location and its kind really uncomfy. They’d been there for like a month or more.


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  • TexAss


    Using a sterilized needle, to or acne tool, to poke the cyst and drain it. Then following up with rubbing alcohol to stop the bleeding and prevent infection, has been the only thing that's helped me when cystic acne occurs. I've tried to just let it heal and for nature to take it's course but they burst inside my skin and turn into ugly blood blisters, that I fear would later become skin cancer if I hadn't drained that too. My youngest child, bless his soul, started getting hives every time he ate anything with cinnamon in it so I eliminated cinnamon from all that we eat and unless it's hiding in something I haven't found yet, my cystic acne disappeared! It takes a while to completely get out of our system, and a few days to show back up when I retested my theory, but most definitely my cysts are connected to an intolerance to cinnamon. Things I've found cinnamon hiding in: bbq sauce, bbq flavored chips, Chikfila sauce, applewood flavored bacon, spiced liquors and spiced baked goods. Keep it in mind. I know I would have loved to had this advice decades ago.

  • VixenBelladonna


    The unfortunate location part makes me what to recommend looking up hidradenitis suppurativa to make sure that’s no what your dealing with, if it is lancing isn’t helpful, though sometimes I’ve done it myself to help with the pressure and pain, it’s best to get it to a head naturally to drain or they can give you injections to calm specific bad ones, no cure and life long condition humira is an approved treatment, it’s an autoinflamitory disease.

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