i recently started PT to try and work on my muscles overcompensating for the amount of mobility in my joints, but i dont know many people with conditions like this, and i just was wondering if it gets any easier? at this point im scared that (what i believe can be considered as chronic) pain is just going to keep getting worse.

Hypermobility Syndromes

Generalized pain


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  • MultiMato


    I’m working on a similar thing. I’ve packs are definitely your friend. Keep it up and just engage those muscles! You’ve got this!

  • Skypenguin29


    PT is awesome. I'm in pretty good shape now, but still go every 2 weeks.

  • CocoBeans


    I did strength training in a pool and it is so good for hsd, I really recommend it because it doesn’t inflame the joints. But yes, growing your muscles can significantly improve pain! I also recommend MSM and if you have any hormone imbalances that may be part of it too (for me it was an excess of estrogen, taking some testosterone improving pills radically improved my joint pain)

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