How do you deal with separation anxiety?


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  • Skinnyminnie



  • Carolina


    I suffered from separation anxiety when I was young and moved with my parents to another state. At first met with the school counsellor who wasn't very helpful. Then my parents took me to a therapist, and it made the difference.

  • Angie


    Hey! I think that just as in any other stress and emotional difficulty, it’s really important to seek for professional help. Have you tried therapy? Support groups?

  • Sunflower1


    I can say that I suffer from transformation anxiety more than separation anxiety but still the feelings are similar.. I try to stick to therapy and in really bad days I take Clonazepam. I think that it’s really important to give yourself the time because time can really help in this case

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Fidget toys. I use a crystal or a fidget cube and keep it on me so I have something in my hand that keeps me in reality and not in the anxiety realm

  • Layla5150


    I did too when I was little I had a stuff lamb but as I got older I realized separation is a word. you are connect to the people deeper then you realize if you give people space they tend to come back not push away and there nothing wrong with having a bit of space for yourself to grow if your really anxious though think of a person or place or thing your connected with most and go to that place or text or talk to that person maybe take a breath if you are anxious and just try to remember in that you are never alone 😊

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