Does anyone have successful long term plantar fasciitis stories? I’ve been dealing with this for years and I just have no hope that it can get better :(

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  • Youre_Not_Alone333


    So sorry you are suffering🙏💜📿 I had to stop working in the restaurant industry after 20 years due to this. In 2016 I had a procedure called Topaz Coblation which provided some relief. It’s much less invasive that the final and irreversible option of a complete plantar fasciotomy which I do NOT recommend after much research. I still suffer with this some days but it’s not nearly as bad as it was pre surgery and now that I’m not on my feet all day. I’d recommend asking your doc about anti-inflammatory meds and customer orthopedic insoles if you haven’t already and maybe you’re a good candidate for the Topaz Coblation if that’s something you think you’d be interested in maybe trying? I wish you the very best in your healing journey💜

  • Reesa


    I had a double faciotomy and me right Achilles tendon lengthened. I wouldn't recommend any of it. Those tendons are tighter now, if you can believe it.

  • Reesa


    What I do recommend is to get some custom orthotics made. And do your pt like you really mean it. Go at it with gusto and do not slack

  • Peng


    I've gotten so many heel spurs and just had my 5th surgery where they cut my planter facitiis really hoping this works

  • ARIES1012


    Suffering with planners fasciitis for years and years and years finally a shoe that really works OOFOS. Awesome

  • IceMan


    Tore my Achilles tendon in 2016 so my other foot got plantar fascia since I had 2 use it more while healing. Good 👍 shoes help & tons of stretching til it hurts eases some pain. Decided against cortisone shot & only will use as a last resort. Ice packs help & turmeric for anti inflammatory meds. Not much else really helps ease my plantar & I get it ....very frustrating. Exercise daily & trying to lose weight I put on after tearing my Achilles tendon. Massage helps but perhaps only a temporary fix. Rest, Ice 🧊 , & elevate feet when you can. 🙏👍 Hang in there everyone

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