Have any of you tried accutane? I’m getting on it in 5 weeks!

Prolonged Acne

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  • mcustozzo


    ive been begging my dermatologist to let me on acutane ive had acne for 6+ years any advice on how to finally push your doctor into agreeing ?

  • H0neybee


    I have! I took it quite recently but I finished it. I wasn’t very good at remembering to take it, so it was as effective as it should have been for me and some acne came back… but it definitely reduced it and helped!

  • H0neybee



  • Kelz


    I LOVED accutane results. I will say get dr dans corti balm for your lips cause it’s brutal. But if you get through it it’s worth it. I referred to them as my evil orange pills but I would do it again.

  • Kitreh


    I was on accutane for 10 months! My back hurt so bad but it definitely cleared up my skin

  • OinkLove27


    I have twice, it comes back a few months after I stop but the second time it only came back a little. It is very drying to your skin especially your lips and you are very sensitive to sunburns so keep chapstick on hand and stay out of direct sunlight.

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