I struggle to manage the hypomanic states. This one is worse than most I’ve had in 10 years. Super intense psychomotor agitation my insides are vibrating and my mind is racing. No matter how much I move or yell or punch pillows I can make the intense aggression inside me stop. Please help

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • abnormal


    I put the extra energy into projects. I have been crocheting a really long chain of yarn. I put on a movie or binge a TV show and crotchet. The TV keeps my brain busy, while the chaining keeps my hands busy.

  • SparkleFlyer


    I’m still in grad school. With a job. How do I manage in these environments?!

  • abnormal


    Get something to fidget with. I have a stylus pen. I have worn away the glue on the penmanship rubber gizmo and now I slide it up and down the pen. My grandma used small stones in her pocket.

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