i hate the past. hate that i cant control it. hate that i kept humiliating myself. hate that i knew so little about myself. hate that im fat. hate that im sad. hate that im lonely. hate that im so insecure. hate that i have so many anxieties. hate that i feel so behind in my age. hate that the ones i thought were my friends werent really there for me. hate that my life turned out the way that it did. hate that i learned the important stuff too late in life. i hate that none of these things ive experienced doesnt make sense i dont know why i suffered so much why i was embarrassed so many times. why so many peoples hate me. i hate it


Bipolar Disorder

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  • ringostarr


    same. I wish I could tell you how to fix it… I feel so fucking insulted when people give me mindfulness books and say I need to try harder. I just want to die but unfortunately we’re stuck here

  • SweetTea77


    Ok, so now what? The past isn't who you are sweet pea, that's just who you were. Now, who do you wanna be? If you think you can do better then do better. Go get em'!

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