Long shot (and I know I have a lot of problems) but does anyone have any advice on fighting porn addiction? I honestly hate myself for it.

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  • Charles.Domingo


    Hey Bongo. I totally get it. The “a lot of problems” definitely does not help. For me, the thing with porn addiction is that my other problems don’t help me get over it. I have social anxiety. I’m insecure. I do not have many friends. I’m not in a relationship. If things were the other way around it would make it harder for me to continue with my addictive habits. I always tell myself I just wanna make myself happy and this makes me happy when it’s only destroying my life and any chances of being in a relationship or out there in the world. Not sure if any of this helps but I guess what I’m trying to say is try to do things that get in the way of your addiction. Kinda like crating road blocks. Definitely talking to a therapist about it helps.

  • BongoCat


    I completely relate to what you said. I think it would be a lot harder for me to continue if I had other stuff in the way of it. It just feels like an endless cycle of not being able to find those things because of my addiction and vice versa. It’s hard for me to be who I want to be because the addiction keeps getting in the way and I always feel guilty

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