Anyone else dealing with continued treatment resistant depression? Same depressive episode for years over here, tried more medications than I can count on my hands… I feel out of whack trying to constantly adjust all my meds and doses per my psychiatrist’s recommendations, and still no improvement. They’re evidence based treatment ideas, but it just isn’t improving my symptoms. Starting to feel a little beyond help…


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  • Abracadaver


    I’ve been medication resistant for awhile now and it can feel hopeless. I started trying non-pharmaceutical treatments for mine, and whip it doesn’t make me 100%, it’s enough to get by, to take the edge off. If you ever wanna talk, hit me up. ❤️

  • Katherine1220


    I was the same way. I tried what felt like every medication out there and nothing worked. After around 4 years of this, a doctor finally suggested ECT, and it changed my life. It made a huge difference for me and I have been doing really well for a little over 2 years now.

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