since I've tried basically every therapy and it hasn't worked, I'm deciding to experiment a little bit. I know that as my maladaptive daydreaming decreases, the frequency and severity of my nightmares increases. therefore, I'm getting back into old hyperfixations that I had as a wee autistic. so far it's working. no nightmares whatsoever. I might even get into another game that could help if I end up liking it.
I think this is really interesting and I'm wondering if I should gather some data from others who have had the same experience as me. if we can instead learn to control our daydreaming and sort of microcose on it, maybe nightmares would cease. I know many others who have this condition are also very creative people, so i think art therapy and maybe role-playing games like dungeons and dragons would be useful. I'll keep yall updated on this but I would also love to hear your experiences!!

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    I recently commented on another thread that mentioned nightmares, and my newfound lack of experience with them after having done a lot of Shadow work this last year and directly facing personal traumas. But literally all of my medical history and psychiatric evaluations and neurodivergent diagnoses were within this last year as well, so I can't be sure that that in and of itself did not heal some of the trauma, nor that the Vyvanse isn't having some effect, being that it has given me nightly sleep--something I have not experienced in 20 years... So I have bought a lot of stim toys and directly addressed and accepted, and found love and appreciation for my large array of stims, which means I'm focusing on them and essentially practicing what you're describing. 🙃🙂



    Also: something something "meditation..."

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    I am not autistic but I have had constant nightmares all night every night for 17 yrs for absolutely no reason. They have nothing to do with my life. I found topiramate which reduced them by like 80%

  • Glutenfreegal


    I’ve heard reading is good too! I don’t know if your a Christian but we prayed for my nightmares every night and it has helped me

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