Does anyone else ever go through periods of believing they're dead? Lately, I've found that when my depression gets bad or I'm particularly struggling with my trauma, I start to believe I'm dead. Like I died years ago, as a kid, and everything I've experienced since is just a case of Follie a Deux amongst those who knew me. I know it doesn't make sense reading it, but it does when I experience it.

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  • Lolalove


    I've never experienced this but do find it quite interesting. Do you have a therapist or someone you can speak to about this. It might be worth trying to see if their is a treatment or diagnosis for it.

  • whatssoshocking


    I have this same problem. It can last hours and I start questioning everything.

  • Magpi


    Not in a long time, it's a type of disassociation.

  • DarkBaby


    Me too

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