has any female here ever experienced no cramp periods? is this normal?


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  • LoveAnyway


    Yes. I thought it was weird. I always cramp a week before.

  • Mak2000


    Yes. I got mine when I was 13 and I rarely ever have cramps before, during, or after my period

  • Scullyitsme


    Man I wish dude. Like mine are so painful I end up in hospital sometimes.

  • EmmaWai


    I never got cramps on my periods growing up until I got an IUD. That made me cramp a little, but now I've had kids and I've gone back to not cramping. It's normal for me! But if you're concerned still maybe good to mention it to your OBGYN. Especially if it's a new thing.

  • E.m.m.a


    I very rarely get cramp but I think it’s from extensive exercise!

  • carter._.16


    I usually never have cramps. Sometimes I'll get a few, but they aren't very intense, and they usually only happen when my flow is super heavy

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