How do you tell an able-bodied person that a workout hurts your body more than it helps?

My mother keeps trying to get me to do Supernatural on the Oculus. I've done it once and it really hurt my back and hips. She just won't listen to me and insists I do it more. How do I get her to stop?

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • Jlync80


    That's a good question. It's difficult for others 2 understand ur challenges when they haven't been thru it themselves. Physical therapy is what u'll need. Let her know that ur needing 2 do things in a safe and healthy manner. Depending on the reason ur having back issues ur Drs will need 2 set an exercise regiment. I myself suffer and have CFS so exercise makes me crash hard. Still get those comments tho. I try and tell them my issues then try deflecting, if that doesn't work then ignoring is the last resort. Who needs anyone badgering u when u know ur own body.

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