My therapist said I need hobbies to help me fight the depression and bipolar mood swings. I used to color mandalas, play video games and read but now I don't do anything. Do you guys have any hobbies that I can try?


Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • B_renee


    Going on walks is great! Swimming is also nice

  • Daddysgrl


    I have been loving diamond painting. It's a patience tester, but so beautiful and worth it in the end.

  • Erebyssian


    Stretching and at home yoga was honestly my savior. I have too many breathing problems to run or walk long periods of time usually, so this exercise makes me feel like I've done a lot. Plus its super good for your joints anyways. But it winds me down and makes me feel like I've been active without forcing myself to do a lot. (I also like to 3d model, be in the rain, try to make cute outfits, writing and drawing my feelings a lot, and a handful of other things. But stretching helped me the most)

  • Steph08


    Just sitting outside and breathing have been good for me. My chiropractor suggested it for my fibromyalgia, and I don’t really know if it is helping in that aspect, but it’s been making me more productive inside the house and making me feel more positive. And don’t get burned, just like 15-20 minutes. 🙂

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