Hello! Has anyone else experienced this? I started having throat pain about 2 years ago. It started with constant pain and a lump in my throat (Which drs deemed “Globus Sensation”) I went to an ENT and he said I had swollen tonsils on the back of my tongue (not the tonsils we see) he gave me some antibiotics and it got better. The pain was no longer constant. But I still have like a tight pain every now and then like when I cry, laugh a certain way, move my head a certain way, or yawn with my head back. I’ve had a CT scan done on my neck and everything looked normal. Does anyone else experience this. It scares me so much.

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Enlargement of lymph nodes

Throat pain

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  • Metamama


    Yes I have a similar pain. My dr and a nurse both agreed my neck/nodes are swollen but ultrasound shows nothing. I have trouble swallowing and breathing as well at times…

    • Kirbear123


      yeah! My lymph nodes are swollen on and off on my right side the last couple of years. No one knows why…

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