i have no motivation anymore. i have no desire to do things. when asked what my hobbies are i break down crying because i realise i find enjoyment in almost nothing. im failing school, im a month clean with the urge to harm myself every day. nothing is helping and i feel as if im getting worse and i dont know how to cope. i want to give up.


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  • Oddball_Philosopher


    I understand how that feels. Being unmotivated sucks. But it’s not the end.

  • Aii_Aya



  • Donzen


    Ugh. I feel you. I’m clean for a long time and i know that will get better. The loss of interest in everything is brutal. It’s such a stuck feeling.

  • MLee


    I understand, if you need anyone to talk to I am here for you

  • loveshespoke


    A month clean is HUGE. I hope you're celebrating that.

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