is there anyone else in restrictive ed recovery who still wants to continue to lose weight, just healthily? i started what was supposed to be a healthy weight loss journey a few months ago that eventually spiraled into an ed, and i didn’t reach my original gw(it’s a sustainable and healthy one i promise) and i would still like to. is anyone else in this position? if so how did you start to fix your relationship with food while still caring about your weight loss?

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  • Jaznix


    See a nutritionist! They can help you create a healthy meal plan and exercise routine. Tell them your goals and mention the unhealthy spiraling you've done in the past. They have meal plans tailored toward people who struggle with that by using an exchange system rather than calories!

  • Jaznix


    You can go to your normal doctor and tell them you'd like to see one and why and they should give you a referral

  • WellnessCoach


    I’ve got a radio and Podcast on WeightLoss and Health a Eating for Essential lifestyles. Because eating disorders are real and they kill. I am afraid of mine he becomes a monster at times and frightens me. But it is a major stress reliever and I’m looking for different coping techniques any ideas?

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