Any tips on helping with brain fog and clarity. This may be part of the adhd that came along with bpd for me but often i just dont know what i want in life and it’s frustrating not being able to think straight

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • spacey_kacey


    hey! so i struggle with this too but i guess for me, i like to do a bit of “grounding”by walking and spending time in nature (whether in a park reading a book, sitting by the water or just people watching lmao) and just sit with myself and make a list of things that make me excited, that bring me joy. you don’t necessarily have to know what you “want” in life, but i’m sure some hobbies or interests that make you happy can come to mind. working on those interests/skills and maybe creating mini-projects based on them is a start— don’t worry about succumbing to capitalism yet lmao! work on figuring out what peaks your interest and dive into that, and then worry about the “big picture”. talking to therapists/career coaches also helps! the main thing for me is descaling the importance of “defining” myself by what i want, and instead exploring those interests and knowing humans aren’t one-dimensional beings with only one career path.

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