Hello. I have been diagnosed with hypochondria so usually when I have small/unthreatening symptoms I try to ignore them or atleast acknowledge them but let myself know that sometimes people have this/that/the other and it’s normal. This time the combination seems like it could actually mean something. I am excessively thirsty and the pinch test is telling me I’m dehydrated. But when I pee it’s very light/clear. My fingers are a bit swollen. I have a low grade fever (99.3) and I have been completely exhausted since yesterday. Looking at these symptoms, what is your first thought? Do you have any ideas about what could be going on? I would love to avoid a trip to urgent care, but will call the nurse hotline if symptoms persist. Thanks for your help and thoughts!

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    Hello! First off, I see we both have pancreatitis? I am not sure which type you have but sometimes people with pancreatitis can experience those symptoms but also there are so many causes for them. Some places have 24/7 nurse lines where you can call and tell a nurse what you are experiencing and they can give you advice on if urgent care is needed… I recently called the one I have access to through my insurance for the first time, and they were so nice and helpful, and really cared. One thing I did to monitor my health was order at home urinalyses! I got mine on amazon and do them every once in a while.

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