So I have horrible hand fingers & wrist pain at the moment. They are all at a point of no use. I am voice typing this. They feel crampy, tense, throbbing like I literally sprained them. Any Relief tips. I can't do anything at all.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

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  • PurpleMage


    Are you taking any kind of supplements? The ones I would suggest are magnesium, potassium and Turmeric

    • Mel9515


      magnesium. Doing dishes & washing my clothes is what brought on a full body flare. But I need my hands to function on.

  • Lani_Girl


    Sorry to hear you're having problems with your hands and wrists. Have you had it long?

  • IrisGrove


    Using braces at night and compression gloves during the day really helped me a lot with that!

  • DirtPup


    I agree. Hand and or wrist braces and perhaps even a compression sleeve. They work for me, but also I take breaks from using my bad arm at all.

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