so my question is if its common for neurodivergent people to have a sort of individuality complex. i often feel horrible if someone looks the same as me in a game or if things i like aren't unique enough.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • AshandFyre


    I have this same problem, so I'm guessing it's a part of neurodivergency, but I'm not sure it's it's exactly common.

  • AshandFyre


    If that makes any sense

  • MKatt


    Idk if it's common, but I definitely do get what you mean. If the things I like are something a lot of other ppl like I feel unoriginal and like a mindless copy cat

  • Chaotic_nobody


    I had a similar problem. To cope with it, I started drawing and it made me feel like I was making something new, even if it was unoriginal.

  • Itsjustcali


    Happens to me sometimes

  • fllowerknight


    I think it's a part of rsd tbh

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