Hi friends ✨ I was wondering if anyone with CFS could share their experience(s) with stimulants if that’s something you’ve tried? I have exhausted several other treatment options and I’m thinking about trying a stimulant next. Im about 99% sure that my chronic fatigue is due to my untreated mental health issues particularly my depression. Thxs guys 💕



Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)


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  • catmommy21


    I have been on Vyvanse for binge eating disorder for a couple of years (it also treats ADHD) and I can say without a doubt it’s the only thing that has kept me going. It will spike your BP and can increase your anxiety, but I wouldn’t have made it without it.

  • scarletfire


    I have anxiety too so I am a little curious if it would be counter intuitive for me to be on a stimulant. Although I feel like I would rather feel more energized than fatigued even if it came at the cost of potentially increasing anxiety. I’m just really tired of feeling like I can’t do anything because I can’t keep my head up you know. Thanks for sharing your experience 💕

  • catmommy21


    @Evaa I have high BP, too. It seems to taper off after the first few hours but it definitely spikes when I take it. It also gives me a headache, but EVERYTHING does that, so take that for what it’s worth.

  • Mermaid4Real


    I take Ritalin as needed for energy. My doctor has prescribed it as two up to twice a day. I find if I take 1.5 in the morning, it's fine for the day. Last night I had to go to a family birthday party and had no energy so I took half of one at 5:00 and it did the trick. The only problem is I get tired wired when I take one and a half or two pills at once. In the late afternoon I feel like I need to sleep but I'm too wired to sleep . It's been a godsend on days that I really need it. I take it once or twice a week because of the tired wired feeling. It's also a medication that you need more of for the same effects if you continue to take it daily

  • Vovo


    My insurance didn’t wanna cover Vyvanse so I’ve been on amphetamine(Adderall)- I have only found it to help somewhat. Kinda hard though because of the Appetite loss that it causes Anyone know of any medications used for fatigue that are not Stimulants????

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