is there anything other than meds to help me focus with my A.D.D.???

Attention-Deficit Disorder


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  • Bridgette


    We'll get rid of distractions like noise phones . But your medicine should be able to make you focus. If they don't you are on the wrong medication. I believe medicine is beneficial to people with ADHD it gives us the thing our brain lacks is dopamine. But yah I need medicine cuz I can't focus for nothing ! No matter how hard I try. Distractions even my own thoughts distract me it's just how it is with ADHD

  • skatestar


    Whatever your reasoning is to why you're looking beyond meds I understand. I don't know what kind of ADD person you are, but something I have found that helps me is starting with organization. And I don't mean like the societal expectation of organization. You need to organize your life(home, work, surroundings, ect.) Around your ADD. Personally I have an issue with the concept of "out of sight, out of mind" so I have been trying to find ways of using "open storage"(see through boxes, visible shelves). Another thing I use is the "doom box" concept. It's sort of where you have a box and it looks like a chaotic mess, but it's all one thing, like I have a doom box for my meds, it really helps me to have it all in one spot but I don't need to worry about organizing it. I hope this was helpful, I am still figuring it out myself Also have a great day

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