Anyone else get worse depression and anxiety after starting hydroxycloroquine?

I've only been on it for a week, and even if it is contributing to the issues it's definitely not the main cause, since my mental health first started to get bad again a month ago when I got hired for this job, but I'm wondering if the hydroxycloroquine could also be having a negative effect on my mental health.



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  • Woot_Woot


    I experienced a shift in my mental health too. My anxiety got worse after starting and I've noticed with time I started to feel better as my body adjusted to the medication. I've missed a week before and it seems when I start back up anxiety hits me like a brick wall for about two weeks until my body evens out again.

  • wulfiana


    I had the opposite effect, i used to take methotrexate which made mine so much worse. Im not on hydroxychloroquine and its helped. But it took me about a year to get adjusted.

  • Jenh


    No affect on my mood

  • Danielleml


    I've been fine on that medication....

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