Hello alikes..Hope everyone is having a great day..This is my first time here..Just wondering how I can try to get by a like better with my full body CRPS..I've had it since 2015 and the doctors here say not much can be done..(Although. I don't do therapy like they want).. I did 3 years always hurt me..I just am trying to stick to my slow and steady routine..Going to therapy greatly disrupts that flow and hurts me horribly..I am very slow moving...Therapy is a useless waste of the energy or little energy I have..I move plenty to keep my body fit. I don't need to go to another place that tries to put ice packs or heat on me..Both kill me with more pain..No thank you!! I went to intense therapy 3-4 times a week..I gotta it..Nope..Just getting ready..Anyway..
I just have a lot to get done

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    I did have a great day now i am in a panic

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    The pain has been terrible but I was in good spirits until i woke up from a nap in a panic attack. Now, i just cant get relaxed. My head is spinning on the anxiety and economic troubles and housing that is about to go away.

  • Contenta


    Kittycorn ✋ No Ice Ever! It will only make it worse! Some therapy but slow and steady as your doing wins the race, only when and what your body says helps not hurt. I am Full body, it is a high pain disease, pull out your bag of diversions, then breathing, meditating, prayer, hold on from the heart❤️

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    It is so frustrating Drs getting educated from the patients RSD, CMP, TOS they never know what any of them are and yeah, they have out of the box one size fits all pain guage of scale of 1 to 10 followed by one size fits all treatments that don't fit. Q: Scale 1-10 A: 47

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