I was just diagnosed with Severe Bipolar Disorder… how do I help the ups and downs of trying to find the right medication?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Boobear98


    Mindfulness really helps. It is a necessary skill whether you are on medication or not. Journaling can help you start to learn mindfulness. I highly suggest going to therapy too. Medication can help, but therapy and medication together is best.

  • SavageSav


    Were you diagnosed with bipolar 1 or 2? Because that really changes things

  • bipolaredhead


    I was diagnosed with bipolar 1

  • PropogateGrowth


    I don't even know. I was in severe depression for 9 months and only had small moments where I felt okay after getting on latuda (I don't suggest this med because of the 350 cal requirement and I had the side effect of severe drowsiness, I now having an eating habit of eating right before bed) Now what helps is working on building habits (the book atomic habits helped get me on track)

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