One of my biggest triggers for panic attacks is being physically alone. If I’m with someone, they can help bring me down out of it. But when I’m alone, I can’t do it myself, I’ll spiral without being able to distract myself. There’s time coming up the next few weeks where I’ll be physically home alone a lot. How can I handle this? I’m terrified.

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  • Moky


    There are a lot of mindfulness techniques you can use to center yourself and help to not spiral, I would for sure recommend looking into those and practicing them ahead of time and seeing which seem to help you the most. Additionally, does talking to someone on the phone help at all? Or video chat? Maybe not but just a suggestion. Finally, have you tried or considered trying to get on a medication like Xanax for when you have these panic attack moments where you spiral? I have Klonopin that I will only use as an "in case of emergency" type thing. Sometimes just having the option helps. Hope something here is helpful. If nothing else remember - that time is going to be temporary, and you will make it out the other side.

  • LaReina541


    Personally, I talk on the phone with friends and family members a lot. It h los me to feel like I'm not "actually" alone. It gives me peace of mind to know that if something were to happen, there's someone who knows it's happening.

  • PurpleLizard23


    I hate they I can’t help with this, but I just wanted to comment that I’m the exact opposite. I prefer being totally alone to pull myself out of it

  • Airtime


    I’m right there with you. I’m looking to leave this life. Not kill myself. I just can’t handle it. Hi have a tent and am moving to Alaska.

  • uhnyeiss


    i’m in the same boat as you are, having someone you trust around you is like your “escape route”, and being alone can make you feel like you don’t have one. when i’m alone and I start to panic, I take hydroxyzine and ill facetime a friend to play a game with me, watch a funny tv show, try and nap, or occupy my brain with something that makes me think like art or a puzzle game on my phone. we can get through this ❤️

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