I just wanted some 11pm popcorn shrimp and now my paranoid self is wondering if the dasher is gonna hurt me. or has any ill intent.
Definitely doesn't help that I'm alone because my partner had to go to their work real fast.
My paranoia is through the roof haha. I heard something at the door, like the building settling, and stopped breathing.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • http.ih8mylife.c0m


    I feel like this on a daily bases too. I'm mostly home by myself and that when it thru to roof...I'm sorry you have to go thru this 😥

    • unchaotic


      I'm glad someone else understands, it makes me feel less like I'm just crazy but I'm sorry you have to go through that too 😔

  • Ariellie


    I hate that for you. My anxiety has been bad today too.

  • JennBridge


    It's just me and my 2 children at home now since my husband passed. I spend alot of money on doordash. Every time I have a male dasher I get a bit freaked. Like, what if they know I'm all alone, no protection, no man to help me? I probably come off rude cus I'll just go out and say hi, thanks, bye. But with women I'll strike a full convo. And I know in the back of my head women can be just as bad. So I totally get you. 🤗

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