i just accidentally deleted the chat history i had with someone i value a lot. i can't recover it and now i somehow feel like a failure :/


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  • Crissy_05


    I'm sorry that happened to u I know it must suck but at least u still got the memory of what y'all talked about your not a failure mistakes happen

    • junitree


      altho i remember a few of the convos, i don't remember all of them. i used to look back old convos w/ ppl sometimes bc it helped me feel better and now i can't do that :(

  • tklisaac


    i feel like everything happens for a reason. i’ve lost contact unexpectedly with a few people and yeah it makes me very sad, but as time passes you will be able to see it as great memories you got to make. those memories and conversations happened at the right place and time

  • someone22


    Hi ive gone through the same, if you’re really close with them depending on the app they should still have the messages and you could ask for screenshots, otherwise what I’ve learned, however inconvenient, is to just keep screenshots of the conversations you are fond of :)

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