I have anxiety and depression and I have panic attacks... what are some ways besides medication to help you

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • mommawheels


    I use a coloring app on my phone. There are free ones.

  • Countrygirl


    Mommawheels I have a few games on my phone also, but sometimes when I'm at work and I go into a anxiety or panic attack I can't play them...

  • EmmaB


    Hey Countrygirl, exercising regularly and meditation help me the most🤞🏻

  • Mickey09


    Meditation is working for my anxiety. My favorite app is DARE. Some other good ones are: Stress and Anxiety Companion, Calm, and Headspace. Give them a try and see if any work for you.

  • Nik10


    Hey! As written above, meditation is helpful, especially in bed before sleep or before a panic attack (if you can recognize it). Also, a daily routine including exercise and healthy food keeps me more stable.

  • Neomi


    For me mild excercise and dedicating some "me" time at the beginning or at the end of the day, makes me feel more stable during anxious times. Sometimes I like doing those two together like going for a long walk while listening to music 🙂🎶

  • Bubblegumpranker


    I either read, play crosswords, or eat soemthing really cold or sour to "snap" me out of my funk

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