What do you do when your depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any mental condition affects your relationship in a negative way?
I've been with my partner for over 7 years, and my depression has increased this year more than ever and it's really affecting him and makes him super stressed out and worried to go to me when he's struggling because of how much I'm struggling. He never really sees me happy and that's not his fault by any means, but I hate that he has to see me like this.
I tell him I'll get better and never improve, I tell him I'm fine so that he won't have to worry. He is my safe place, but I don't like worrying him so I kind of have to act normal around him since all he sees is me stressed or depressed and he doesn't deserve to see me that way.
Any advice or suggestions or stories related to this would truly be appreciated! 💕


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  • Daretta


    I don’t have a significant other. My husband passed, but my gown children are my safe place. I try not to worry them but I don’t have any other contact with people since he died. It makes it hard to plaster that smile on and push thru your day.

  • nuttybooker


    You need to find one person you can talk to

  • CactusCoffin


    Hey, I've been there and 100% understand. Meds, therapy, and talking to people who understand all help a lottt. I'd also recommend just explaining to him that it isn't his fault and how he can help (if he can) and set aside time everyday to do something together even if it's for just half an hour.

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