TW: SA/mention of personal hygiene and care

I work at an elderly care home where I change the residents' personal disposable attires (diapers and such). This one lady I care for has severe dementia and when I'm changing her, she frequently cries and occasionally even says "Oh god" over and over again. I'm incredibly professional and appropriate and I know everything I'm doing is by the books in a compassionate manner. Thing is, the sounds she makes and the things she says when I'm cleaning her tend to trigger my own SA. There's no option for me to change careers, nor do I want to. How do I work through something like this when it's my livelihood?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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  • SoLongDott


    I’m so sorry, that sounds difficult. Is it possible for you to use some discrete ear plugs when you care for her? Maybe hum to yourself a little too? Focus on a comforting mantra. (A favorite of mine is “I am safe, loved, and worthy.)

  • Songbird


    Ugh that sounds so stressful. I'm so sorry. For you & her because it sounds like she's reliving her past trauma. I have no advice, just want to commend you for caring about her & working such an important and difficult job❤️

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