my Dr just upped my levothyroxine dosage twice up to 150mcg. she says my thyroid is petering out. what can I expect?


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  • Travelinman


    I'm not sure since I am only at 75 mcg. I wish you well!

  • Hypothyroid


    I take that dose before I got hospitalized and my thyroid is always high on that does. I’m at a lost

  • JeffreyShaf


    I am on .150 mcg and been there for over a year! I occasionally have ups and downs Graves/Hypothyrodism is a beast!!!

  • Kikikay


    Mine is 88mcg—-doc told me I only needed it if I’m planning to have another kid— but my friends said they have to take their levy thyroxine for the rest of their lives—-I get blood test and my hypothyroid goes away and I’m balance , even without taking the meds. (I’m not planning of having another baby anymore) but doctor haven’t said if I should stop it. I don’t want to take unnecessary meds if I don’t need it.

  • Escalante


    You may want to go ahead and look into removing your thyroid.

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