Hey there! I use a birth control that Lamictal is interacting with. Lamictal has been a huge help but I need my birth control for pcos. My doctor mentioned switching to lithium possibly but I'm nervous.



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  • Chesbro99


    I would think it would be easier to switch your birth control?

  • bonemarreaux


    I personally do not like Lithium. (I am on it alongside Lamictal) It makes me tired and zone out a lot. And feels like my emotions are not so much stable as completely flattened. But that might be because I'm using them both, I'm not sure. Or that I don't actually have bipolar disorder.

  • elo2002


    My neurologist recommended two options for me the depo shot or an IUD. He didn’t get too specific but he said these last for 3 months

  • bee555


    id say switch ur birth control if u can. im on the patch which im not sure if that still interacts with lamictal or not (im prescribed lamictal but i don’t actually take my meds)

  • Jazzypixy


    I hated lithium! It stopped my mania but did nothing for my depression! I'm allergic to lamictal, but anti depressants are so hard to get right, so if it works for you I'd change your birth control!

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