I hate how my depression feels physical like I can’t even move bro I can’t get up to take a shower though I desperately need one I stay up till 7 am and then sleep till 5 pm like wtf is going on




Restlessness and Agitation

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  • Zozzy


    I completely understand how you feel. I sat on the floor the other day and just thought about how I felt incapable of feeling happiness. Nothing.ade me happy. I physically felt like i was sick all across my body. Like my body just felt wrong. I couldn't do anything to make myself smile. I just layed down and waited for the feeling to go away and ended up waiting hours untill i fell asleep. I started only washing my hair and not even getting in the shower because I couldn't muster the energy. My schedule has been horrible i just feel like sleeping lately. I would recommend making a bath for yourself and putting some soap in the water. You can just lay in there and hopefully think "well, while I'm here" you know. Just taking a shower /bath can feel like the hardest thing to do it's not a "simple" task sometimes. After you power through and get clean dude. You will definitely notice the effect. Even if it's just a little. Your mental health (at least in my experience) will be just. Little briggter💕💕 I'm rooting for you

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