Hi I’m currently in the middle of having an anxiety attack. Just to give some background I go to UCF and we have a football game today and I’m one of the people of do video well I’m supposed to be shadowing someone but my boss kinda didn’t tell me anything and everyone else in the program kinda doesn’t know I exist and idk i want to ask where I’m supposed to go but I’m the only one who’s lost and the only one that seems to need so much help and I just feel really embarrassed and invisible. I really thought this would be a cool experience but I just feel like such an annoyance. I want to cry.


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  • Lunare


    If you ask for help, the worst thing that can happen is they won’t help you. Maybe you’ll make some new friends. Just try your best and that’s always good enough.

  • AllieMae


    I don’t have any advice but I’m just really sorry that this has been your experience :( let yourself cry, do things that bring you joy, not stress you out

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