hello! sooo i’ve been struggling severely for years now. i am both vegetarian and a picky eater, so it’s really hard for me to cut out/reduce gluten, dairy, or carbs—not necessarily because those things are all really good, but because that’s all i can really eat. and for exercising, i cannot do cardio. my body gets winded immediately and i started getting red and sweaty and out of breath so fast that it looks like i just sprinted around the whole block three times. i know it’s kinda a lost cause but like…help!! <3


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  • Painsucks320


    Hi! ✋ So just to clarify, your unable to do cardio and need help getting different workouts that don’t make you tired? I would try yoga, light exercises and stretching.Right before you do any workouts eat something with B12, B6 and omega3. You could eat oatmeal before w fruit to give you energy through your work outs. And don’t forget to hydrate.

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