I hate going to tutoring. Depending on the tutor they get irritated I’m not understanding things fast enough and then I’m reminded of how stupid I am. It’s already hard for me to even ask for help in the first place. After these sessions I get extremely depressed and want to hurt myself. I hate myself so much.



Anxiety (Including GAD)

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • HarryPotter


    I have had this problem and that is why I don't use tutoring if you want to talk about things that I have found helpful you can always dm me

  • JingleP


    Aw you don’t deserve that! Are there other options for tutoring for you? I’ve had tutors who would summarize material for me cause I often didn’t study. I would fall asleep during it sometimes but they never even said anything. One of them even sent me practice books after moving away. I hope you can find some that are nice and won’t judge you. The whole point of tutoring is to help when you don’t get it. It’s ok to be bad at academics, it shouldn’t be used to determine someone worth. The tutor is just supposed to help you get farther than you would alone.

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