does anyone else with POTS get PVCs/palpitations when dealing with a lot of stress??? i feel like mine have been going for three days now :( went to er the other day and they said i was fine but it’s stressing me out so much to feel like my heart is constantly skipping beats… i have been dealing with an extreme amount of stress recently and my blood pressure has been all over the place. i thought metoprolol would help w pvcs and tachycardia but it’s not rlly helpful at all :-//


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Valeriababe


    Hi, I suffer from POTS, and especially during stressful or busy periods I feel my blood pressure rise. It is part of the body's physiological mechanism. I usually manage to balance it with medication. I suggest that you go to your family doctor to check if maybe there is something else for which the medicine is not helping.

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