So I had to get the rabies vaccine yesterday. We took a risk with the negligible amount of eggs that are still in it vs the fact that rabies is fatal. Well I had an allergic reaction to it. THEY WANT ME TO GET THE REST OF THE 4 SHOTS!! It will build up in my system and I WILL go into anaphylaxis one of the next few times. What do I do??

Allergic Reaction

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  • Snowy


    That is definitely one to talk to your doctor about. Only they will be able to really advise you. Every medication and every treatment has side effects. Anytime you are prescribed something or given some treatment, it's because your physician has (or should have) weighed the relative risk vs benefit and determined that the benefits outweigh the risks. Sometimes though, we do need to remind our doctors of our experience. Tell them your concerns and see what their thoughts are. If you trust them, follow their directions. If not, you can always get a second opinion. I wish you the best luck!

  • ___


    Yes please use your voice, even though it is hard! This is your life, you are entitled to control what happens to you and you should know WHY they are doing what they are doing, and you should agree with them if they do it. You can do it!<3

  • Florina


    Okay so the infusion center called to schedule the others and thank God they have the one WITHOUT eggs! I’ll still be taking Benadryl before as a precaution and I’ll be watched for an hour after as well but I should be fine with this one :) the benefit was more than the risks as we can deal with anaphylaxis, there’s nothing they can do if I caught rabies and got symptoms, I would die. So we handled that.

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