is it bad to be on a bipolar medication if your not bipolar? I'm finally off of mine after I found out that I am not really bipolar. both my therapist and psychiatrist don't believe I am bipolar.






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  • b4j4bl4stt


    not bad at all, most medications have more than just one use, it is common for psychiatrists to prescribe bipolar medications for depression that hasn’t responded well to regular antidepressants such as ssris

  • I.am.a.PINK


    I think it would depend on you and your symptoms individually. Well, that and the fact that so many medications are used for multiple reasons. Just for an example, Viagra is now used mostly for ED, but it is still used for it's original purpose, a heart medicine.

  • tig21


    I started on lamitcal last year and it did seem to help. I unintentionally stopped it. When I started it up again it seemed liked it caused me more problems. I just got off of it a few days ago.

  • carterspade


    I'm on Lamotrigine too and I couldn't take it the first time because it gave me the toxic symptoms like dizziness and headaches and stuff so I stopped it. They tried it again after going through more medication with me and I've been going through really bad depression, suicidal thoughts, the works. They just upped it and now I'm feeling a little better I guess? I'm not even sure if I have bipolar or not. They suspect I have a mood disorder but don't know which one.

  • Kittypop


    If they both think you aren't bipolar, why were you put on the med to begin with?

  • E_belli


    Lamotrigine is used for many things. Including bipolar depression, and while although it is associated with bipolar it is still depression. So it helps to stabilize depression. I'm on it. I am also bipolar, but it helps with the depression side of that vs. The manic side which for me used to be lithium added to that. But I don't have mania anymore but have more depressive symptoms. It keeps me out of an episode that's for sure. I like it, I've been it for like 8ish years. I guess my point is, don't worry! Lamotrigine is regularly used for things other than bipolar specifically.

  • XoxoDanielle


    I’m on lamotrigine

  • XoxoDanielle


    & I have BPD

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