Hey everyone, I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia about two year ago now and have been suffering from symptoms for much longer as many of you have experienced. My fibro myalgia feels like an extreme pain is flowing continuously through my body the more I move the more it hurts. I also have many immune issues coming up occasionally when my system becomes inflamed. I’ve tried many different disciplines such as therapy, acupuncture, meditation, tai chi, yoga, bio feed back, fasting, cold showers, supplements such as vitamin D, B, fish oil, boswelia which have all been helpful and I’d strongly recommend. But I still feel pretty horrible on a day to day. And naturally it’s hard to be consistent with a self care routine when the physical pain is so pervasive and so is the other moving pieces in life. It feels horrible to know what somewhat works for me but never being able to stick with it. It feels even worse to complain about it because I feel as if I sound lazy or ungrateful for the opportunities I have. I want to know y’all’s tips on staying consistent in a world filled with inconsistencies. Any help or criticism is appreciated.

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