Lately, I've been thinking a lot about times when I suddenly did not remember anything about my life. I remember three, maybe four times this happened. My earliest memory of this happening was when I was quite young. It was Christmas and I was playing with my toys. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about how I could not remember anything from my life. I couldn't remember my name, what I was doing, or even if the toys in front of me were mine. I did finally remember my name and decided to just keep playing with the toys in front of me and hope they were mine. I have no memories from before that, except for maybe a few blurry images in my head. All the other times were very similar to this.

Has anyone experienced this? Just going about your day and suddenly feeling as if your brain is resetting itself, during which you can't remember anything? I've never had any catastrophic injuries, but I did grow up in a home that was somewhat tumultuous when I was younger

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