anyone else also struggle with insomnia? I just went through a bout if insomnia where I almost didn't sleep more than like 3 hours and I had panick attacks so bad I felt like I was dying. now also due to my FM and all the medicine in me from trying to force myself to sleep, I feel numb all over and just bleh.


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  • Tomato


    Maybe it’s worth looking into your meds and seeing which one causes you insomnia…

  • ZanderHeals


    Adjust your meds, trial and error. We're not lab rats but with medication management, it seems that way. Medication is tricky and can be a drag sometimes, but it helps. I know our situations are different, but I know how difficult meds can be. Hang in there, sooner or later things will get better. Hope this helps!

  • Ellen


    Insomnia is so hard! It's just a loop when im anxious so I can't fall asleep and then I'm just more tired and more anxious.. For me breathing techniques help relax, inhale for 4, hold it for 7 and then exhale on 8 counts. Also taking melatonin before bed sometimes helps a bit.

  • Gina1000


    I have insomnia and take Ambien to put me to sleep and Trazodone to keep me asleep. Works well.

  • HighXPedia


    I haven't had a bout like this in years, so I think it's stress related but Definitely gonna be taking meletonin for a bit

  • msblahblah2021


    If I don't take my trazodone for sleep I can't sleep and my anxiety is though the roof

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